Shoe Spotlight: Vans Sk8-HI

Vans SK8-His have seen an upsurge in popularity. Nowadays, almost every teenager or young adult owns a pair.

Vans originally intended the Sk8-Hi for skaters, however they are worn by anyone that appreciates a classic look. They are noticeable without being ostentatious and don’t neglect comfort in favor of style.

The Sk8-HIs come in different models: the Original—the most common —the Pro, the Slims, the Slim Zips, and the MTE. Touching on the lifestyle side Vans experiments with the color and material stories adding some flavor to the classic silhouette.

To most sneaker collectors, this is more than a staple, it is a classic must have. They have been seen on countless fashion icons and celebrities who turn to the SK8-HIs for a casual, street look.

The number of ways to style them are virtually limitless; they’re one of the few styles versatile enough to be paired with jeans, dresses, shorts, etc.

All you need is the most important ingredient: confidence.

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